Transition planning and business insights

Better planning and decisions through a connected view leading to insight and sustainability intelligence.

Strategic decision-making and transition planning across climate and nature is increasingly complex. Strategies and decisions need to consider the interrelationship of climate and nature and understand an organisation’s environmental impact, dependencies and costs. In addition, these initiatives need to be connected to the wider business strategy and embedded across the organisation, driving the need for insight and sustainability intelligence that considers this new complexity.

How we help you

  • Financially quantify and understand both physical and transition risks and opportunities.

  • Support credible conversations across the business to achieve plan buy-in from all stakeholders.

  • Make better-informed business decisions based on environmental and financial impact and cost.

  • A single view of sustainability strategy, across both climate and nature, aligned with business strategy.

What we offer 

Risilience enables better decision making and transition planning, bringing together risk and opportunity insights, financial quantification and transition initiatives into a single optimised view for climate and nature.

Forward planning

Forecast emissions change out to 2050 based on growth, wider economic decarbonisation trends and company-specific transition plans.

Set credible goals

Stress test emission reduction forecasts considering a range of emission pathways and view impact on ability to meet net-zero goals.

Financially quantify initiatives

Capture costed information to assess the cost-benefit analysis of individual transition initiatives, including through Marginal Abatement Curves.

Guide investment decisions

Run climate-risk assessments assuming strategies are implemented and assess the potential benefit (risk reduction) to guide investment decisions.

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