Strategic decision support

Fiscally-responsible decision-making means understanding the risks and opportunities presented by sustainability. Better decisions deliver better outcomes.

Sustainability is now at the heart of almost every decision a business makes.  Company-wide decisions, from selecting raw materials to managing supply chains and facilities locations, can all have significant impacts on sustainability efforts and outcomes. Securing joined-up sustainability intelligence to inform decision-making leads to better decisions and better business outcomes.

How we help you

  • View both physical and transition climate-and-nature-related risks and opportunities for your operations, including supply chains to raw materials and locations.

  • Empower connected teams across the entire business to gain a view of, better understand and effectively manage the sustainability impact of their decision-making and strategies. 

  • Make better-informed, science-led decisions for the business through a holistic view, insights and understanding of climate-and-nature-related risk and opportunity.

  • Secure buy-in for sustainability initiatives across the entire business to ensure success in meeting emission-reduction goals and broader sustainability initiatives.  

What we offer 

Risilience provides strategic sustainability decision support across business strategy, supply chain optimisation, sourcing and facilities management. 

For businesses, managing sustainability requirements, at both a strategic and operational level, is not easy. It impacts every decision made across the organisation Our platform and advisory services enable organisations to stress test operational strategies and assess the business and sustainability impact of initiatives, resulting in better operational decisions and outcomes. 

Model physical adaptation measures

Including alternative sourcing locations and facility relocation and risk mitigation measures to assess the impact on operational resilience. 

Assess new suppliers

To understand potential exposure to climate risk, impact and dependency on nature and the implications for future emissions.  

Test multiple business strategies

To inform assessment of how M&A activity may change the company’s risk, opportunity and emissions profile.

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