Sustainability Intelligence: connecting organisations to Business 2.0

Understanding and managing business risks and opportunities is challenging but, as climate objectives have given way to sustainability objectives, global corporate organisations are under increasing regulatory pressure to integrate climate-and-nature-related risks into financial reporting.

This requires organisations to understand and disclose how different futures will impact the business through dependencies but also how the business may impact the natural environment.

The interrelated nature of sustainability means that businesses need a new way to address their problem that unifies teams and data; risks and opportunities; and the corresponding financial impacts into a single, connected view. That new way is Sustainability Intelligence.

Is your organisation ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the climate-nature nexus?

Rewiring your organisation to transform and address these new challenges is key; connecting technology, data and people, through Sustainability Intelligence, to deliver a holistic view of your climate-and-nature-related risks and opportunities.

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