Risilience Nature and Climate platforms combine as Sustainability Intelligence suite to tackle reporting and transition planning, and support strategic decision-making for business.

Sustainability Intelligence firm Risilience has, today, launched its Nature Risilience platform. The pioneering technology combines with Climate Risilience to create a holistic, Sustainability Intelligence suite that enables global corporations to financially quantify risks and opportunities from climate and nature to enable better reporting, transition planning and strategic decision-making.

A dynamic regulatory landscape has put pressure on companies to respond to increased reporting requirements; both in terms of volume and scope, as well as make significant business decisions that not only respond to carbon-neutral demands but also align with nature-positive goals.

Ambitious businesses that approach both together, avoiding siloed planning, will better understand the interdependencies and trade-offs that exist between the two, to mitigate risk more effectively and surface the resulting opportunities for profitable sustainability.

With the added pressure of connecting and embedding sustainability into the business strategy, sustainability leaders can use both Climate Risilience and Nature Risilience to communicate credible insights to executives, investors and other key stakeholders.

The dual power of the combined platforms also enables business leaders to quantify, in financial terms, climate-and-nature-related transition and physical risks and opportunities to enable science-led reporting and transition plans, resulting in better business decisions.

Dr Andrew Coburn, CEO, Risilience, said: “Stewardship of natural resources is a critical area for businesses in their transition plans; both in terms of scope and the challenges presented when connected with climate. We work with global corporations focussed on tackling the interdependencies and trade-offs that quickly become evident when viewing climate and nature together.

“For example, a business making the decision to replace a raw material with another may have a positive impact on carbon reduction but a negative impact on natural capital, so it is critical that organisations have the ability to see that holistic view.

“We are really excited to be adding Nature Risilience to our broader Sustainability Intelligence suite, bringing a joined-up view to global corporates that need to move far and fast to transition towards sustainability.”

Encompassing Risilience’s powerful suite of technology, Sustainability Intelligence provides business leaders with the functions to coordinate internal progress, measure and monitor climate-and-nature-related risks, identify opportunities to build resilience, and engage accurately and effectively with stakeholders.

Dr Scott Kelly, Senior Vice President, Model Development and Analytics at Risilience, said: “Credible data has to sit at the heart of transition planning, reporting and robust evidenced-based decision-making. Integrating Sustainability Intelligence into the business is no longer just a future aspiration, leading businesses are doing it now. The transition to Business 2.0 has already begun.”

“Nature, when considered together with climate, throws up fresh challenges; presenting a delicate balance of new risks and opportunities. Global corporations must rise to these challenges and build sustainability into their business strategy to become profitably sustainable.”