Dr Andrew Coburn, CEO

I have spent my career in scientific research to support business decision-making. Companies face a major challenge in changing their business practices to manage climate change risks. Working at Risilience offers me an opportunity to apply my research and product development skills to the important issue of helping our clients reduce their carbon emissions. My day-to-day work is helping reduce global carbon outputs from the economic activities of some of the major corporate generators of greenhouse gasses: cutting these emissions will slow climate warming. I am enthusiastic about applying my skills to address probably the greatest societal risk today for Planet Earth.

Tamara Evan, Senior Product Manager

In the face of a threat as sobering as climate change, it can feel as if there is nothing that I, as an individual, can do to stop it. We know that revolutionising the status quo and slowing the rate of global warming is a burden that ultimately resides with the major movers of our global economy. Working for a company like Risilience, which has demonstrated the value of its offering, and already engaged so many of these major movers, makes me feel like I spend my days truly doing something to move the needle.

Juliane Kriebitzsch, Risk Modeller

What I enjoy most about my work as a risk modeller is that the complexity of climate risk allows me to approach risk from a variety of angles. I am passionate about litigation and financial risks relating to climate change and biodiversity loss – the work at Risilience allows me to bring these passions together. It is exciting to work with a diverse range of clients and industries to understand their unique challenges and develop customised solutions that help them transition towards a more sustainable future.

Dr Scott Kelly, SVP Model Development and Analytics

The global transition to net zero is the greatest societal challenge humankind has faced. There was once a belief that this was a problem that could be solved solely through better global governance, multilateral agreements and long-term climate targets. While these things certainly help, it will be corporations and the financial sector that will ultimately drive the changes that are required to avoid the worst effects of climate change. For many organisations this journey is just starting, with most still trying to understand and quantify the various climate-related risks that their business is vulnerable to. I joined Risilience to help business understand their climate related-risks and to develop the next generation of tools and models to accelerate our transition to net zero.

Jennifer Copic, Head of Enterprise Analytics

I am grateful to work with such passionate and talented people at Risilience to enable sustainable business transformation through science-based ESG risk analytics. We aim to integrate data science into climate and nature-related business decision-making processes with the overarching goal of saving the planet. This mission and the people at Risilience make this a great place to work.

Oliver Carpenter, Director of Environmental Risk Analytics

I’m passionate about Risilience because of the intellectual challenges we address and the wider impact of our work on the environment and society. Climate change and biodiversity loss are critical but highly complex issues. I enjoy the innovate nature of our work and the diverse expertise in the team that our creative solutions demand. Our mission to transform global businesses is also a great motivator. Our clients have huge global footprints and face significant challenges. However, they’re highly motivated to change and so I’m proud of the great potential we have to influence the future of our planet.