Introducing Risilience’s three affinity groups supporting culture, diversity and community

For new companies, establishing policies and processes from scratch can be a battle of priorities, resources and focus, but it comes with the advantage of a blank sheet of paper and no historical challenges to overcome.

As a young, future-focussed company, Risilience has, this week, launched its affinity groups to focus on three core areas of the business; culture, diversity and inclusion, and community responsibility.

The goal is to integrate the drivers behind each of these groups into the business from its foundations and build them with the company to ensure they each become a core part of its future and deliver value across the entire organisation.

Life at Risilience

Group Chair - Arthur Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick

Life at Risilience is all about building and promoting the company’s culture, and supporting wider team social engagement.

The group meets monthly and focusses on the provision of events and social experiences that promote the peer-to-peer interactions needed to support individual growth and build a strong team.

Celebrating Diversity

Group Chairs – Amaya Aita and Pete Hay

Celebrating Diversity is focussed on designing and delivering a programme of events and activities that not only promote diversity but engender inclusion at Risilience.

The group meets biweekly and focusses on a calendar of issues and key topics facing communities that can often be marginalised and challenged in society, to raise awareness of and celebrate these individuals and engender a culture of belonging.

Risilience in the Community

Group Chair – Tamara Evan

Risilience in the Community is an inside-out organisation that takes the core values and integrity of the team and projects this into the local and global communities we interact with as a company.

The group meets bi-weekly and cultivates meaningful citizenship starting from the inside at Risilience and out through its collaborations with community groups, charities and other external organisations.

The groups are open to all; new starts or established team members, so if you’d like to be involved in one, two or all three, please get in touch with the respective group Chairs.