Navigating Future Climate Policy Changes in Multinational Businesses

20 January 2021 16:00 GMT (Virtual)

Join our upcoming webinar, “Navigating Future Climate Policy Changes in Multinational Businesses” featuring Mark Corfield, Senior Vice President, Risk & Audit at Burberry. The stakes are high when it comes to understanding climate policy. Companies that fail to anticipate and respond to the changing policy environment will find their costs soaring and business models challenged. In contrast, those that get it right will have a distinct competitive advantage as the corporate world pivots towards a low-carbon future. 

Register today for the upcoming webinar to learn more about how governments are driving change including:

  • Key policy levers (regulation, subsidies, carbon taxes, market-based carbon pricing)
  • The forces shaping the future direction of policy and carbon price
  • The significance of COP-26 for policy and the impact on businesses 
  • Actions companies can take to manage policy risk

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Thomas Harvey

Product Manager, Risilience

As product manager Tom is responsible for the overall strategy and commercial success of the Risilience product suite. He also leads the data science and model development team.