Client stories

A woman using VR technology

“Risilience gives you great analytics that measure materiality around those types of behaviors and then help to define and develop responses for you that you can build into product innovation, brand development … it gives you a really important risk and opportunity package that we all need as we try and combat climate change.”

Burberry logo

“We will use the Risilience platform to determine key risk areas for Burberry and understand their potential impact on our operations and extended supply chain. For example, it will help us to identify the raw materials and supply chain locations that have high exposure to climate change and will enable us to mitigate climate risks."

Nestle offices

“Conducting scenario analyses has provided us with a much deeper understanding of the potential exposures we may face, enhancing our strategic discussions and financial planning process.”

Marsh signage

“By using Risilience as part of our climate change consulting services, Marsh can support our clients to be more resilient to climate risks as they emerge, develop actionable plans to reach net zero within their timeframes, and meet their TCFD obligations.”

easyJet jet

“Sustainability is increasingly important to our customers and other stakeholders, and whilst easyJet has worked to reduce carbon intensity for many years, our climate change work with Cambridge has helped deepen our understanding of both risk and opportunity involved in adapting short-haul aviation to a low and ultimately zero-carbon world”​

Jane Ashton, Sustainability Director, easyJet