Academic Roots

Platform partner to the University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

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Risilience has deep academic roots that go back to the Business School in the University of Cambridge. In 2009 the Risilience founders set up the Centre for Risk Studies as part of the Cambridge Judge Business School. During this time, and in partnership with leading global brands they obtained a deep understanding of management science – why businesses do what they do, what makes them thrive or fail, how their internal cultures adapt, which management tools are effective.

While Risilience has now set up as an standalone company we maintain our close ties to the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. As a platform partner for the Centre, we provide products and services applying the research frameworks and approaches pioneered by the Centre for Risk Studies and continue as a primary research sponsor. We also regularly participate in working groups and academic research initiatives providing our clients with access to leading climate and risk research from Cambridge and other Universities.

For more information on the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies please check out their website.