Risk Science

The team behind Risilience have spent a decade developing a comprehensive scenario risk management methodology first pioneered at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies.

Risilience focuses on quantifying connected and emerging risks. We believe that for businesses to appropriately navigate future uncertainty, they must be able to quantify the risks facing them. Over the last decade we’ve carried out influential research in partnership with leading global corporations to develop a forward-looking quantitative risk management framework.

Each scenario in our catalogue is informed by an extensive evidence base collected through proprietary research into the causes of social and economic disruption. By running each scenario against a corporate’s digital twin (a comprehensive digital representation of a companies commercial and physical footprint), our framework maps the impact of these macro-economic shocks onto individual corporates balance sheets. In addition, we provide a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a real-time view of how each risk within the taxonomy is evolving.

The insights obtained from our analytics identify which risks are most critical to a business and importantly which part of their organization is most susceptible to that risk. Our tools allow risk managers to test various risk mitigation strategies and to inform strategic decision making to ultimately drive organizational resilience.

Please contact Risilience for more information on our research including access to recent white papers.

For more information on the Cambridge Taxonomy of Business Risk please visit the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.