Watch back: speaker sessions

Climate capitalism: winning the global race to zero emissions
Speaker: Dr Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg News Journalist and Author

Introducing Sustainability Intelligence
Speaker: Dr Andrew Coburn, CEO, Risilience

In the balance: addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate and nature, together
Speaker: Mary Goldman, Director of Environmental Risk Analytics, Risilience

An integrated view: a journey towards an integrated climate and nature strategy
Speaker: Alison Bewick, Global Head of Risk, Nestlé

Unblocking the path forward: building a business case for sustainability
Speaker: Dr Scott Kelly, SVP Model Development, Risilience

Building the business case to get the funding you need for strategic sustainability planning
Speaker: Helen Green, VP Group Financial Controller, Burberry

A sustainable future
Speaker: Professor Danny Ralph, Academic Director, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Watch back: lightning briefings

Lightning briefing: pricing nature
Speaker: Joshua Jamieson, Senior Environmental Risk Modeller, Risilience

Lightning briefing: sustainability backlash
Speaker: Andy Garraway, Climate Policy Lead, Risilience

Lightning briefing: applications of AI for sustainability
Speaker: Mark Pinkerton, Vice President, Software Engineering, Risilience

Watch back: panel discussions

[PANEL] – The changing role of the CSO
Archana Jagannathan, Chief Sustainability Officer, PepsiCo Europe
Chris McKenry, Group Director, International Sustainability, ALDI SÜD
Nina Pepper, SVP Marketing, Risilience

[PANEL] Connecting climate and nature: creating a joined-up approach to sustainability
Anna Richardson, Sustainability Programme Director, GSK
Ben Matthews, Senior Manager, PwC
Horst Rakel, Director EHS EMEA & Asia, nVent
Oliver Carpenter, Director of Environmental Risk Analytics, Risilience

[PANEL] Communicating cost and value: getting buy-in for your sustainability strategy
Sarah Webster, Director of Sustainable Business, Britvic
Sandrine Ricard, Deputy Director of Sustainability & Responsibility, Pernod Ricard
Rowan Douglas, CEO Climate Risk & Resilience, Howden Group
Tom Sabatelli-Goodyear, VP Client Solutions, Risilience