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The rise of climate litigation


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The rise of climate litigation

The landscape of climate litigation is rapidly changing and, for businesses across the globe, the exponential rise in climate-related legal cases could lead to protracted, financially costly and reputationally damaging results for companies that are targeted. This paper sets out a number of real-life cases, positioned alongside three in-depth case studies, to give business leaders a deeper understanding of current, climate-related litigation trends while offering practical approaches for assessing and managing the risk at a corporate level.


Preparing for climatic business disruption

In June 2021, the previously unknown village of Lytton, British Columbia, broke the all-time Canadian temperature record, reaching a sweltering 49.6°C.1 Two days later, a devastating wildfire swept through it, destroying the entire village within 15 minutes and leaving two dead.


Developing a net-zero business strategy

With a growing number of corporates committing to net zero emissions targets, pressure is now building for business leaders to demonstrate a credible, science-based plan to reach their goals. This report supports businesses create and action a detailed net zero strategy while maximizing the commercial opportunities of the low-carbon transition.


Using voluntary carbon offsets as part of your net zero plan

Carbon offsets are likely to play a critical role for businesses striving to reach ambitious net zero targets. They are a useful tool to complete the final component of achieving net zero after other methods of decarbonizing have been accomplished, and to bring forward the date of eliminating otherwise hard-to-abate emissions.


Managing business risk and opportunity from climate change

Intensifying climate conditions and the world’s response to mitigate global warming will place unprecedented burdens on businesses, triggering the devaluation of corporate earnings and assets if they fail to adapt. To succeed in an uncertain future, businesses need to understand how climate change – and society’s response – will impact them.


War in Ukraine: Scenarios, Outlooks, and Implications for Business

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has continued to intensify in and around all major Ukrainian cities as Putin moved almost all the forces he had positioned at the border into the country while the use of artillery, rockets, and missiles to attack cities increased steadily over the past weeks.

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