Risk Management Events

View available events being run by Risilience and our partner the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. For each event you will find an overview, agenda, and speaker profiles. You’ll also be able to register your interest in attending each of these enterprise risk management events.

You can also access materials from previous events. From videos to presentations, you’ll find all of the resources required to gain valuable insights from our events.

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Managing Business Risks from Climate Change

Learn how the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies is helping companies develop business frameworks and analytics for quantifying consequences, identifying opportunities, and managing the route to net-zero.

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Cambridge Risk Summit 2021: Transitioning to Net Zero – Managing the Risks

The 2021 Cambridge Risk Summit asks what the impacts of climate change will be on businesses and how will leadership, strategy, process, and culture adapt to enable the company of the future to prosper in the new climate-normal.

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Business Risk Roundtables With Risk Leaders

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School regularly convenes invitation only roundtables for senior risk leaders from a selection of global corporations. Topics include the changing nature of strategic risks for businesses including sectoral views and emerging risk scenarios that help guide management actions.

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Cambridge Risk Summit 2020: The Resilient Company

The 2020 Cambridge Risk Summit asks what organisational resilience means today and anticipates how that will change in the future. To explore this topic, we invite business managers, academics, and threat specialists to provide keynote talks.

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Business Risk From Climate Change

At this seminar, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies brings together business executives with climate change scientists to help improve the dialogue between them, to help businesses articulate what they need from the science to aid their business decisions, and for the scientists to help businesses understand the risks.