Business Risk From Climate Change

Event Overview

Climate change is a growing concern for businesses. Many corporations are trying to understand how it is likely to affect them, the actions that they may need to undertake for sustainability and for commercial and competitive reasons, and the regulatory requirements or other liabilities they may face.

Companies are struggling to reconcile the long range forecasts of the consequences of a warmer planet in several decades’ time with weather changes that are already impacting their businesses in various ways, and how their business will be affected by the transitions that society is making today towards a low-carbon economy. Many are considering their corporate social responsibility and accountability to shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders. An increasing number of companies are participating in the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to consider and disclose their climate-related risks.

The University of Cambridge has been at the forefront of climate science and has led the way in understanding the processes of climate change. It has a new cross-university initiative in Cambridge Zero which provides an opportunity for the University’s research to provide information and tools for use by businesses, as well as policymakers and others.

At this seminar, the Centre brings together business executives with climate change scientists to help improve the dialogue between them, to help businesses articulate what they need from the science to aid their business decisions, and for the scientists to help businesses understand the risks that they face and to provide information and data in formats that businesses can readily consume. At this event, we will provide:

  • Briefings and latest views on how climate change is occurring, and our state-of-knowledge about the processes that are changing the risk environment for businesses
  • Updates on the latest businesses initiatives to manage their risks from climate change, participation in TCFD, and best practice on assessing risk from climate change
  • Tools and data for businesses to assess their risks
  • Opportunities for businesses and climate scientists to exchange ideas


Andrew Coburn

Chief Scientist, Cambridge Centre For Risk Studies

Andrew is one of the early stage innovators of the catastrophe modelling industry and has helped bring numerous analytics products to market.

Danny Ralph

Academic Director, Cambridge Centre For Risk Studies

Danny is professor of Operation Resarch at Cambridge Judge Business School an authority on managing risk in business. He has been published widely.

Emily Shuckburgh OBE

Director, Cambridge Zero, University of Cambridge

Emily Shuckburgh is a mathematician and a Fellow of Darwin College.

Oliver Carpenter

Environmental Risk Research, Cambridge Centre For Risk Studies Lead, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Oliver leads research on environmental and climate change risks at the Centre for Risk Studies.

Erik Mackie

Public Engagement Coordinator, Cambridge Zero, and Honorary Reseracher, British Antarctic Survey

Erik Mackie is Public Engagement Coordinator at Cambridge Zero and an Honorary Researcher at the British Antarctic Survey.

Scott Hosking

Environmental Data Scientist, British Antarctic Survey

Scott Hosking is an Environmental Data Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

Risa Ueno

PhD Student, British Antarctic Survey

Risa Ueno’s work focuses on developing machine learning techniques to obtain better future projections of climate extremes in megacities.

Colin Church

Chief Risk Officer, EMEA, Citi

Colin is responsible for managing Risk across Citi’s Institutional Client Group, including Citi Private Bank, Consumer and Commercial Banking businesses in EMEA.