Business Leader’s Guide to Net Zero Planning Webinar

September 30, 2021

Organizations planning to reduce their carbon emissions to ‘Net Zero’ require a structured and strong analytical approach, backed by a deep understanding of science and business strategy. This Centre for Risk Studies webinar is designed for business leaders to support decision-making throughout their Net Zero planning process. We apply more than a decade of corporate risk expertise to help organizations transform their businesses to meet the challenges of climate change. We are uniquely focused on translating climate trends into business metrics and actionable insights to manage climate transition over different timescales.

Join global business leaders and learn how to navigate this challenging landscape by taking an analytical view of the span and speed of future uncertainty.

Alison Bewick

Head of Group Risk Management, Nestlé

Alison has been Head of Group Risk Management at Nestlé since 2015. Alison has more than 20 years of financial and commercial experience with global corporates in various sectors.

Oliver Carpenter

Lead, Climate Risk Research, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Oliver Carpenter leads the climate risk research, developing the models and science for business risk from climate change at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies.