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A woman wearing a surgical mask

Cambridge Network

20 May 2021

Predicting Impact

A year after UK lockdown, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies calls for a probability-based scenario approach to forecasting crises due to unreliability of well-established models.

A graphic showing a drowning car used to support a piece about business risk

The Economist

19 September 2020

A Grim Outlook

An Economist special report investigates how worse weather will disrupt businesses and their supply chains.

A screenshot from the film Marathon Man used to describe business risk management

Financial Times

12 September 2020

Is It Safe? How To handle Risks You Cannot Easily Calculate

Andrew Hill explores how the previously simple decision of whether to reopen an office is now freighted with mortal peril.

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Cambridge Network

10 September 2020

Report Investigates Catastrophe Insurance

A new report from the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies reveals how a fragmented insurance market in the US may affect recovery from natural disasters.

A mattress with "no job no rent" written on it

World Economic Forum

27 May 2020

Cambridge Study Counts the Cost of Coronavirus

A worst case scenario created by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies suggests the global economy could take a hit of up to $82 trillion following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US Department of Homeland Security reflected in a glasses lens

The New Yorker

6 January 2020

Should the U.S. Expect an Iranian Cyberattack?

Sue Halpern explores research from the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies to identify the current state of the cyber landscape.